Interested in retiring to Arizona?

Arizona has long been one of the most popular retirement states. This site will help you learn more about Arizona, and help you decide if retiring to this area in the southwestern part of the U.S. is the right decision for you.

Arizona and its famous dry heat made the Grand Canyon State a "hot" spot for tourism in the 1920's and 30's. The area really took off at the end of WW II, after many people had had a chance to see the state for themselves, along with the widespread availability of air conditioning. The state's population has grown rapidly – it went from about 1.8 million people in 1970 to 6.6 million in 2009. Retirees make up a significant percentage of the people who have moved to Arizona.

Most of the development in Arizona has been concentrated in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, with some expansion north of Phoenix in areas like Prescott and Flagstaff. As development has continued outward many surrounding towns like Glendale have been enveloped by the growth of these huge cities. As land has become scarcer, areas even further away from the city centers have been developed, leading to communities such as Goodyear and Surprise. Sun City in the northwest Phoenix area is generally credited to be the first active adult community in the world. Today there are numerous Sun City's both in Arizona and spread around the U.S. Many other developers have replicated the concept in different countries as well.

The great recession beginning in 2007 severely affected housing in Arizona, including retirement communities. New communities were particularly affected; unsold units, foreclosures, Home Owners Association fee delinquencies, and bank takeovers became common. Arizona is not as diverse a state for retirement lifestyles as are some other states. However there is some variation depending on whether one lives in a city (Phoenix or Tucson), in the suburbs, in an active adult community, or in one of the farther out locations like Flagstaff, Bisbee, or Yuma. Our Arizona Retirement Guide can tell you more about the best places to retire in Arizona.


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